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What does it mean to be Product-first?

Being Product-first means that you have a Product team and it is a first-class player and decision maker within your organization.

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Product-first is a Process your team can adopt

To get there, you need a clear vision of what you are building, why you are building it, a roadmap for how you want to get there, and a clear process that keeps you out of trouble.

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Comprehensive Product Vision
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Thoughtful Roadmap Building
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User-focused Feature Definition
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Excellent Design & Development

Early-stage startups, small teams, and solopreneurs need help with this stuff

It's the answer to: "Are we building the right thing?"

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Define your Product Vision

Can you tell me in 10 words or less what you are building?

Your Product Vision is a foundational component of how you define features, market your product, and build your user base. I’ve developed a unique three part process that will help you hone in on your perfect Product Vision.

Let's define your Product Vision
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Be Data-driven

How are you validating that your users need what you are building?

You should have a process in place that allows you to get insights from your users, convert that into a product roadmap, and validate with data. I have developed a framework for how this should be done, and can help your team implement it quickly.

Build your product roadmap

Set up an insights channel

Set up your validation methodology

Learn to be data driven
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Create your Product

Don’t you want to get a hassle-free design for your app, website, or landing page?

I also provide top-tier user-experience, design, and front-end development services. With a solid Product-first process, and access to the right talent, your product will shine.

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